The Gathering Center comprises 3 adjoining areas of approximately 1,506 square feet.

Welcoming Area

253 sq. ft.


350 sq. ft.

Gathering Room

903 sq. ft.

The number of invited guests should be gaged upon the events festivities and the layout/use of tables and chairs. The following are exapmles of different layouts.



Reception Layout

Up to 64 guests seated comfortably at any one time along with additional standing room. Pictured setup shows 8 round tables seating 8 per table, two serving tables, and room for additional guests to mingle.


Keep in mind that with a reception type event, the door will be 'revolving' with guests coming and going as they please making it dificult to gauge the actual number at any one time.







Up to 80 guests seated comfortably at 10 tables with options for a head table setup and three serving tables.


Pictured setup shows only 8 round tables seating 8 per table, saving aditional space in the corridor for guests to mingle.









Seminar Layout

Desks or long tables make for a classroom like setting. Room for everyone to take notes and pay attention.


Pictured setup shows long tables with executive style chairs. These items may not be available. Call to get more info if interested.







Also great for meetings of any sort where you want to get as many people in as possible. Room for 100 guests seated in rows (without tables).


Pictured setup shows only 60 guest chairs, with 5 round tables setup behind them for a lunch following the ceremony.









Any rental of the Gathering Center includes use of the facilities kitchen, seperate mens/womens restrooms, and a limited number of chairs and tables. See Amenities for more details.


The conference room is not included in the facilities rentals but is availale as an addition to the rental of the Gathering Centeron or can be rented on its own for smaller meetings are. See Conference Room for more details.